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Meet Tad

General contractor, husband, father

Tad Schmidt has owned and operated Tad Schmidt Builders in the Devils Lake area since 1998. As the son of a business owner in Cando, North Dakota, he learned about the hard work that goes into operating and maintaining a business. He also gleaned some pretty awesome bowling skills since it was a bowling alley that his father owned.

Tad has had the privilege of being married to his wife Cindy for 30 years and a dad to five wonderful children. He also takes joy in being called Grandpa. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and bowling with his family.

Tad and his wife Cindy are the faces behind Tad Schmidt Builders, a construction company since 1995.
since 1998

Tad's passion for construction

Tad's interest in construction started while working with another local carpenter. He loves the creative process. He eagerly listens to a customer's plans and thrives on materializing those plans through the building process.
This love continues to grow with each project. From the small projects to the larger ones, he has had the opportunity to help people turn their dreams into a reality. Along the way, Tad has gained many life long friends and a construction reputation that speaks volumes.

Tad Schmidt Builders' ultimate goal:
to give each customer the most affordable options using the highest quality materials

For over 20 years, Tad has delivered on his promise of a safe and reliable process while using the best quality products out there. The importance of quality craftsmanship and affordable price go hand in hand.
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